Monday, 24 March 2014

The Magic Box

By Maria

I will put in my box
The sight of the snowy tops of the Pyrenees,
The sight of a field with Lotus flowers starting to open,
The sight of a sunset near the beach.

I will put in my box
The smell of evaporating water from the Atlantic Ocean,
The sound of a galloping horse,
The texture of the smooth fur of my white rabbit

I will put in my box
The chocolate fondant melting in my mouth!!
A sip of the translucent waters of the river Lucerne,
An apple crumble crumbling in my mouth.

I will put in my box
The ruby red cherries from my garden lightened by the sun in summer,
Red, yellow, brown and orange leaves falling from the trees in autumn,
Blossoming roses in spring!!!

I will put in my box
The feeling of the sun on my face,
The dream of having my own horse,
The feeling of happiness.

I will put in my box
An enormous waterfall with its water spraying my face,
Firefly’s flying across the river Garonne,
Spider webs iced in winter.

My box is fashioned with delicate crystal,
It has a special key to open it,
It has a really special button to transform my box into a horse.
Multi-coloured stripes!!

I will horse ride with my box whenever I want.

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