Monday, 24 March 2014

My Magic Box

I will put in the box
A sparkling sunset with a pearl sun,                                                                
A silky feel of a piece of a stem of a bamboo tree,
A world full of snow and art.

By Niamh

I will put in the box
A slice of cheese pizza made by my mum,
A slice of Victoria sponge made by mum,
My cute and soft elephant treasure.

I will put into the box
A rainbow rain storm in the winter,
A cute baby elephant under a diamond waterfall,
The sound of the song called Relax, take it easy by Mika.

I will put into the box
A gianormous hug from Joshua (my brother),
A butterfly going throw a waterfall in Andorra,
I would like to go scuba diving in the Atlantic Ocean.
My box is fashioned from silk of the stem of a banana tree with hinges that are made from my dad’s fingers. It also has rubies, diamonds, love hearts and stars for the decoration of the box.

I shall look after my pets my rabbit called Spotty, 
my dog which is a scotty dog and it is called Cutie,
my baby turtle called Turquoise,
my baby elephant called Sparkly in Pet Lagoon!    

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