Monday, 24 March 2014

My Magic Box

By Irene

I will put in my box
Fun that I had when I was younger,
The red sun sinking into the blue sea,
A sip of the bluest deepest water.

I will put in my box

The feel of soft smooth fur from a Tiger,
Playing among my dreams with wild lions,
Swimming with giant dolphins on another world.

I will put in my box

The sweetest raspberries on earth,
The smell of tulips,
The texture of a panda’s fur.

I will put in my box

The tooth of a dragon,
The swish of the trees in the wind,
The feel of the clouds.

My box is fashioned from gold, silver and diamonds,
With pearls on the lid and wolfs on the corners,
Its hinges are the secret doors that lead me to other worlds.

I will play in my box

In the biggest forest of China,
And play with golden Pandas

The colour of the sun. 

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