Monday, 24 March 2014

My Magic Box

By Eli

I will  put  in  my box

The high  white snowy mountains of the Pyrenees,
The  wild  green  forest  of the Amazon,
The wild west in the shimmering heat.

I will put in my box

The feel of  my rough  toy sheep,
The sound  of crumbly smoked  bacon crisps,
The smell of a tiger ,a very lovely  tiger.

I will put in my box

The slurping sound of a magical cherry coca cola  fountain,
Cherry flavoured sweets shaped like cherries,
Multi  fruit   flavoured bubble gum.

I will put in my box

A blue summer sky with the sun peeking through  the clouds,
A red romantic sky with heart shaped  clouds  whispering love,
An orangey red sky, sunset heaven.

My box is fashioned from

Magical things like unicorns and wands,
Carved  iron and wood,
A baby’s love.

I shall do in my box

I would horse ride around a lagoon of   dolphins
with my box in my saddlebag,

Before swimming in the lemon scented pool.

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