Tuesday 27 May 2014

My dog Ruby

My dog Ruby
My dog Ruby is fluffy,

My dog Ruby is lazy (sometimes),

My dog Ruby could give you a small blood blister!

My dog Ruby thinks she’s in charge,

My dog Ruby can be scary,

My dog Ruby is slow sometimes,

My dog Ruby is QUICK sometimes!

My dog Ruby can be very hyp!
My dog Ruby doesn’t eat very much,
My dog Ruby drinks loads,
My dog Ruby is always hot!
My dog Ruby always sits next to me but when people come they budge me off
 My dog Ruby can be very silly! 

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Happy Easter

                                             My Easter poem
I love summer and I love winter,
But I love springtime too,
I love springtime because eggs are found,
But not just normal eggs,
 They are…

Colourful eggs,
But not just colourful eggs,
They have…

YUM YUM!!!!!

Monday 24 March 2014

After the poems...

And after all these brilliant box poems, we created some real boxes with lots of the things we would put in, loosely based on the poems - see these blog posts on the Y4 blog.

My Magic Box

By Vega

I will put in my box
The most beautiful tale in Europe,
The soft white snow underneath my feet,
Touching the sea from a boat.

I will put in my box
The sweetest strawberry in the land,
A delicious red cherry for me,
The blue-green colour of the sea.

I will put in my box
Colours from a rainbow,
A visit from a friend from another country,
A leaving present if you go abroad.

I will put in my box
A Chinese blossom tree,
A fallen leaf,
A windy day.

My box is fashioned from a sari in blue tones, it has golden fishes on it and a lot of yellow flowers.

My Magic Box

By Tino

I will put in my box
A giant mountain full of hard crunchy snow,
Monsters made from shining ice,
A giant blue yeti.

I will put in my box
Living snow men with arms made of wood and icicle teeth,
Avalanches falling from everywhere,
Lego star wars and a giant crocodile eating everything in their path.
Lots of Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Lego.

I will put in my box
Soldiers and armies walking,
Gandalf the white and the grey,
Mordor rolling half of the universe.

I will put in my box
A volcano made out of chocolate,
Green, red and brown dinosaurs scaring everyone,
Dragons and the giant Lockness monster.

My box is fashioned with a scary face and the body of a gigantic wolf. It has lots of padlocks on it to stop anyone from stealing it and controlling the universe.

My Magic Box

By Sara

I will put in my box
The breath of a dragon in the mountains,
The fur of a giant panda,
The sharp tooth of an ice mountain wolf.

I will put in my box
The taste of creamy melted white chocolate,
The world’s biggest ice-cream,
The world’s largest most beautiful flower.

I will put in my box
My amazing favourite collection of books,
My favourite colourful hand bang,
And the biggest lollipop in the whole world.

My box is fashioned from sparling rubies and shimmering diamonds.

My Treasure Box

By Tobias

I will put in my box

A crazy dream of a giant roller-coaster

Children laughing in the playground

The colours of a clear rainbow

I will put in my box

My best and revered moves

All of my friendship

My happiest memories

like when I was a baby and my mum was holding me

A place magical in the mountains

My Box

By Ryan

I will put in the box
The Twin Towers from New York
A comet from the deepest part of space
An America eagle flying over the Grand Canyon

I will put in the box
My cat’s super soft calico fur
The beautiful aquamarine Maldives water
A field covered with snow

I will put in the box
The best sushi in all of Japan
A veggie burger from Washington D. C. 
 Pizzas from Pisa

I will put in the box
The feeling of being in the cockpit of the F14 tom cat
The dream of me flying over the Himalayas
Me as a magnificent white swan

My box is fashioned from rubies, emeralds, sapphires, diamonds and topazes
The hinges are made out of gold
With a big diamond on the top.

I will keep it safe in my bedroom
Let no one see it

It will always be my box.

My Box

By Rozenn

I will put in my box
Thousands of multi-coloured baby elephants
That comes from Africa
A pink humming bird from the forest in the south of England

I will put in my box
The wave-washed beach of Miami
And the chief roller-coaster
The sight of the Egyptian statue
The pleasure of an African little girl

I will put in my box
The sun rising behind the Pyrenees
And the wonderful smell of red roses
Peace on an island with a smoothie
A water fight in my own back garden

I will keep my box

In my safe keeping

My Box

By Penny

I will put in to my box

A golden sunrise other the bluest sea

My reflection shining in the river

The light on the snow

I will put in to my box

The smell of a beautiful yellow rose

That lovey smooth feel in between your hands

I will put in to my box

the rubyest, sweetest strawberries

a chocolate waterfall with marsh pads on it

a jelly palace (mmm, how delicious!)

I will put in to my box

the colours of the rainbow

the glow of my heart

the rain from my eyes

The Magic Box

By Sanika

I will put in the box
The shimmering turquoise colour of the Pacific Ocean ,
The fluffiest fluff of cloud from heaven,
The greenery of the woods with a crystal blue lake.

I will put in my box
The feel of the rough net of an Anar Kali,
The smell of rose candles melting,
The sound of a silky harp.

I will put in my box
A sudden crunch of cream and onion chips,
The squeak of an oily saucisson de Toulouse,
Fresh salty sushi going in my mouth.

I will put in my box
A bright summer’s day in the woods,
The bluest drop of water from lake Lucerne,
The whitest frost of Antarctica.

I will put in my box
Me relaxing on a warm comfy bed with  rose petals on it,
The freshness of the mountain stream,
 A secrete chamber made from amber.

My box is fashioned from gold, silver,
bronze and platinum with a carved butterfly,
With some jades, jaspers rose quartz and emeralds.

I shall swim in a crystal blue lake
with a secrete chamber
leading to precious stones and jewel world

My Magic Box

I will put in the box
A sparkling sunset with a pearl sun,                                                                
A silky feel of a piece of a stem of a bamboo tree,
A world full of snow and art.

By Niamh

I will put in the box
A slice of cheese pizza made by my mum,
A slice of Victoria sponge made by mum,
My cute and soft elephant treasure.

I will put into the box
A rainbow rain storm in the winter,
A cute baby elephant under a diamond waterfall,
The sound of the song called Relax, take it easy by Mika.

I will put into the box
A gianormous hug from Joshua (my brother),
A butterfly going throw a waterfall in Andorra,
I would like to go scuba diving in the Atlantic Ocean.
My box is fashioned from silk of the stem of a banana tree with hinges that are made from my dad’s fingers. It also has rubies, diamonds, love hearts and stars for the decoration of the box.

I shall look after my pets my rabbit called Spotty, 
my dog which is a scotty dog and it is called Cutie,
my baby turtle called Turquoise,
my baby elephant called Sparkly in Pet Lagoon!    

My Magic Box

By Matias

I will put in the box 
My favourite Lego star wars character Luke Skywalker,
The best Minecraft video game for X box,
Captain Rex’s Lego Star Wars space ship.

I will put in the box
The smell of a revving motorbike,
The smell of a new thing,
The smell of a new book.

I will put in the box
A star wars dream and I will be Luke Skywalker.
A dream about a gigantic beast that is trying to kill me.
A dream about Minecraft.

I will put in the box
An exciting dream,
Lots of fun games,
A yummy pizza.

The Magic Box

By Maria

I will put in my box
The sight of the snowy tops of the Pyrenees,
The sight of a field with Lotus flowers starting to open,
The sight of a sunset near the beach.

I will put in my box
The smell of evaporating water from the Atlantic Ocean,
The sound of a galloping horse,
The texture of the smooth fur of my white rabbit

I will put in my box
The chocolate fondant melting in my mouth!!
A sip of the translucent waters of the river Lucerne,
An apple crumble crumbling in my mouth.

I will put in my box
The ruby red cherries from my garden lightened by the sun in summer,
Red, yellow, brown and orange leaves falling from the trees in autumn,
Blossoming roses in spring!!!

I will put in my box
The feeling of the sun on my face,
The dream of having my own horse,
The feeling of happiness.

I will put in my box
An enormous waterfall with its water spraying my face,
Firefly’s flying across the river Garonne,
Spider webs iced in winter.

My box is fashioned with delicate crystal,
It has a special key to open it,
It has a really special button to transform my box into a horse.
Multi-coloured stripes!!

I will horse ride with my box whenever I want.

My Special Golden Treasure Box

By Pablo

I will put in my box
The sunset
The sound of violins playing a sonata of Vivaldi.
The smell of hot chocolate drifting through the air.

I will put in my box
A Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding. Scrumptious!
Cherry Sunburst destroying villages.
The blossomy spring breeze making a Pacific wind.

I will put in my box
Entering my stories in real life (Crime at the Guggenheim),
The feeling of people celebrating, enjoying life at parties
A staring snow leopard, his breath frozen with glittery frostiness,

I will put in my box
The mountain falls of the north Pyrenees, the Garonne collapsing toward the sea,
A portal leading to Neptune, or Jupiter or Outer Space,
The moon shining in the night with the peaceful vague trees.

My box is made from crystal-ice mirrors.
It reflects in the light every day in winter,
The avalanche will come to you if you open it.
Then obscurity will spread through your body.

I will show my box to Mr Gregg and Mrs Baldwin
And to all IST and I will make a feast with lots of people
And give things to the poor.

My treasure box

By Mimi

I will put in my box
A blazing feather of a phoenix,
A ribbon made of the colours of rainbows,
The golden horn of a unicorn.

I will put in my box
The sound of the rustling leaves in a damp rainforest,
The smell of paint as it splashes on a shiny canvas,
The feel of the warm silky fur of a month-old puppy.

I will put in my box
The rushing colours of the wind,
A lightning storm, crashing thunder from the sky,
The cherry colour of sunrise and sunset.

I will put in my box
A million shards of violet-flavoured candy,
A runny yolk of an egg and the crisp sides of bacon on a plate,
A bowl full of fresh berries and whipped cream.

My box is carved out of the oldest oak wood,
The lock is made of jade coloured dragon eye stones,
The hinges are fashioned out of delicate autumn-brown pebbles,
The key is made out of dreams and is shaped like a cerulean-coloured dragon,
Nobody knows that at night it comes alive and guards my small chest.

I shall sometimes step into my box,
Inside, it is always night,
A silhouette of a grey wolf howling at the blue corn moon,
A field of glowing fuchsia and indigo orchids,
Tiny dragons with wings of rainbow hues, singing and humming a beautiful lullaby to each other,
And a giant peach tree, the blossoms swaying in the cool breeze.

Maia's Box

By Maia

I will put in the box
An erupting volcano a thousand metres high
My guinea-pigs Buster and Ratatouille
And Italy seen from space

I will put in the box
A lake at the end of China with the smell of sea
And the smell of a dreaming horse
The smell of my mum’s quiche

I will put in the box
My cushy brownie cake
And my dad’s fish lasagne
And a Christmas roast diner

I will put in the box
To slide down waterfall like a Spanish dragon
And to ride on my friend, Clara’s horse
To swish down a giant water slide

My box is made of…
My Mother’s lovely smoothness
And the hearts of my school friends
A Panda that has never been seen before

I will throw my box down a giant mounting
Put a secret door in it

And bury it safe for ever and ever

The Magic Box

By Luis

I will put in my box                            

My special golden Karate trophy,
My lovely white smooth dog on earth,
A relaxing clear blue ocean.

I will put in my box

Being cool, great, happy in Karate,
Eating the best crunchy margarita pizza with tomatoes, cheese and red salami,
Going to the highest part of the Pyrenees and jumping from one big rock to another.

I will put in my box

Running through the crunchy snow throwing snow balls at each other,
A big sweet apple, so sweet that your mouth waters,
The awesome Lego batman game that makes you very crazy running through the house!

My box is fashioned from strong gold ice,
With four strong locks and shiny colourful diamonds,

A secret pathway, only I know the way!