Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Beautiful on the Seaside

It's so beautiful on seaside, 
I saw it all,
The sea like shimmering turquoise, 
With froth all over, 
Like bubbling soap, 
The sands glistening in the light, 
Like shiny gold and silver, 
Big rough rugged rocks
Glittering with water, 
Only admire but never climb, 
Amber, brown, yellow, pink, 
Golden, orange, cream, black and white seashells, 
Some curly swirly like a bouquet, 
And some shaped like a hand fan, 
The seaside is a box of glowing things!

Friday, 24 January 2014


My dragon is an enormous heavy fire dragon,
He is made with red scales
And has two dim black wings.

He is so friendly with me
Every night he goes to fly to other countries.
His tail is long,
But he has little ears.

Above his neon-blue eyes are short lashes.
And under his body there are two huge legs.
He goes to the Eiffel Tower with me.
Lands on the top
And we look gaze at all of Paris.

I love you so much, dragon.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

My Dragon

By Clara

My dragon is a water dragon
She is made of scales
She is Poseidon’s girl.
Every night we go into the sea
To say goodnight to the dolphins.

Her wings are huge,
Her tail in the water changes colour.
In her eyes water is reflected
Her breath is hot and when she breaths
I hear the sea
She eats corals

Her name is Mina.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My Dream for Christmas

It’s going to snow,

I was so excited!

I put on all my clothes:





Then I went out.

I went to my little lake,

To see if there was ice to skate on,

There was ice,

SoI skated there for hours,

Until I saw something move…


It was my parents that came from Truffaut,

In Truffaut there was a puppy sale,

So I was really excited,

My mum and dad called me,

So I went inside,

They  gave me a box…



My One Direction Wish


If  I could have just one wish.
I wouldn't think twice.
I think of it all the time.
Deciding is like rolling a dice.
What I would wish for is called perfection .
But some people know them as one direction.

My Dragon

By Tobias

My dragon is made of the sun.
He likes to sleep in lava.
At the end of his tail there is a flame.

He has spikes on his back made of larva.
When he wakes up his eyes glimmer like the sunrise,
When he breathes fire his tummy glows,
His razor-sharp claws cut through walls.
His colour is as green as fresh grass.

My dragon

By Penelope

She is a diamond dragon,
She’s made out of the bluest gems:
Beryl, topaz, amethyst.
She has eyes as clear as moon-light
She is the sister of the water queen.     
All night she looks at the stars
And tells me dreams do come true.

Her wings are so big and beautiful
That they glitter in the sunlight  
Her tail flows like a river
In her eyes are all the pretty diamonds in the land
Her breath is beautiful damp air.

She eats wonderful diamonds at day

And blue diamonds at night.

My Snow Dragon

By Cristina

His eyes are like black rain drops.
His tail is as long as a railway track.
His teeth are smooth and snowy white.
I give him hot chocolate so his fur warms up.  

His fur is charming soft.
His heart is made of ice.
Every night he protects the snowy
Entrance way of my house.
He has a lot of long hair hanging down his tail.

His breath is chilly ice.
He drinks hot chocolate,
Only warming a little.

The Red Dragon

By Maia

My dragon has dreams
To flame in the air...

Because he’s a red flaming dragon.
He is also scared…

When he was young
His lovely red and gold legs
Turned horrible grey and black.

Since then, purple tears
Go down his red cheeks.
His mouth changes colours
All the time.

His tale is burning every instant.
But one good thing:
It is golden.

My Fire Dragon

My dragon is a ruby-hot dragon.
He is made of fire.
But when I am cold he cuddles with me
Like a hot water bottle.

His wings are penetrating red,
Made out of sunrise.
His tail can catch people by the neck.
In his eyes there are flames that bombard out.

His breath is lava,
He eats volcano rocks,
His breath is sizzling flame.
Don’t touch my dragon.

My Dragon of time

My dragon is the dragon of time.
He is black and has purple eyes.
He controls the lighting,
With the speed of his flight.

He has golden claws.
He is small and round.
Long as a pillar is tall.
He is covered with scratchy scales.
With diamond spikes on his tail.

He sleeps in caves.
He eats iron and diamonds.
We go on adventures, travelling through aeons,
Past or the future: you chose.

Angry dragon!

My dragon is the fire dragon
His skin is fire engine red
 Inside he is fire and flames
He lives in caves
He eats wood, any wood.

All night he sleeps with eyes open
His tail has stone spikes on it
He flies very fast
In his eyes are fireballs
He breathes flames.

My Crystal Dragon

My dragon is a crystal dragon.
 She is made from mirrors and glass.
 She has this kind of shiver-tooth
To make things go icy
With vague glittery frostiness.

All night she gazes at the iridescent darkness
With her eyes looking for mountain food.

 Her wings are made of fluid ice,
Her tail swings through the cloudy world
She eats snow blocks and glassy maple apples.
In her eyes are crystal shards.

Her breath is like firm hail.
She eats the souls of malicious people.
She sucks every bit like a hurricane
Made out of billions of tornados.

She controls the snow,
She has the power of icicles and melted icy liquid.

She skates with excitement.
Her name is Crystalline. 
The dragons call her Princess Aqua Marina.

The School Dragon

My dragon is a school dragon.
He is made of learning.
He is green and sky-blue.
All night he looks out of the window

Viewing my school, ten km away from home!
His wings are beautiful and emerald-green
His tail is as long as a school,
In his eyes are multiplication and division.

His breath is like the happiness of children playing in the playground.
He eats books. That’s why he’s so clever!
He can see very well
He is awesome at maths like me!

He is very important to everyone because
He saved Poseidon’s child that’s why he was Poseidon’s dragon before mine.
His name is Brainy
I love you, Brainy!

My Dragon

My dragon is an Ice dragon;
He is made of frost.
He loves to play around in the snow all day
And all night he lies there deep in slumber.

His wings are aquamarine-blue,
His tail has millions of crystal spikes,
His eyes are like snowflakes,
His breath is as icy as the North Pole.

He eats grass that ben covered with snow,
He lives in the coldest cave,
His name is Snowflake.

His teeth are very blunt
From eating so much grass.
He is so nice

He is the best dragon ever.

My Sun Dragon

My dragon is a sun dragon.
She is made from the sun and stars.
She is celestial-white. All night
She sleeps softly on the roof, waiting for the day.

Her wings are tipped with the brightest gold.
Her tail is silvery-grey.
Her eyes are like a million blazing suns.
Her breath is like a flame that never runs out.

She only eats the liquid of suns,
The molten juice that you can only get
From the very centre of stars.

She drinks it slowly, savouring the intensity.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Marble Haiku

Smooth on its surface,
Taj Mahal is made of it,
Glistening white stone!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Velvet Haiku

                                          Soft and elegant:
                                          It's so smooth you can glide your
                                          Fingers on velvet.

TV Haiku

Looking at cool stuff,
Trying to understand why,
somebody did that...

Swan Haiku

Majestic creatures,
Forming a heart with their neck.
Gliding on water.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Peacock Haiku


                                                      Beautiful feathers,
                           Peacock sitting on a tree,
                           It's a great dancer!