Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Crime at the Guggenheim Part 2 The escape

Five years later…

Isabella and her familly decided to live in Bilbao
but there might be some problems. Bill Gates was still in prison
with the two annoying girls saying Help Help! That gave Bill a head ache.
Isabella went to school very happy but some people were nasty to her.
Her parents went to work at a shoe shop and someone was stealing shoes from the store.
The shoes cost 1889 euros because some are golden.
The parents had to close the shoe shop because they were stealing and stealing…
So they went to work at the Guggenheim but someone kept on stealing things.
SO they went to work at a sweet shop. It was NOT peaceful there.
Children were moaning babies were crying adult were saying NO NO NO
It was a total chaos.
But one day Isabella saw a black man from the school window. And it was going directly 
to the sweet shop. He had a bottle of… Poison! He was going to poison the sweets
and give them to the guggenheim staff so that they die! 
I asked the teacher if I could go to the sweet shop were my parents work and she said yes I could.
I went rushing there like a mad man.
Isabella looked trough the window and her parents were not there.
Instead he saw the black man! He was putting the poison on the sweets!
He grabbed all of the sweets and he took them to the guggenheim!
Isabella followed him every single step.
Isabella saw her parents in front of the guggenheim and he gave the sweets to my parents.
She needed to go and save them now or they will die!
She couldn't run very fast so her parents gobbled it all up!
Isabella saw her parents still and they dropped on the floor!
She went directly to the black man and took the mask off.
It was Bill Gates! He had escapes from prison to poison people now my parents are dead!
She got her mums phone and called the police! This time she told the police to close everything so 
that it's all dark. Isabella couldn't stop crying so they took her to the home for girls so that she could
stay there until someone adopted her.

The End

Wallpapers with Haikus

Paintings of dog breeds,
There're painted beautifully,
They show their cute eyes.

There's some photos of
My family and really
Good sample photos.

It's the countryside,
Lavenders glow together,
It looks marvellous!

Sun Haiku

It's ever so bright,
It helps grow crops, trees and things,
You can turn all blind!

Golden Retriever Puppy Haiku

Small, cute and furry,
Happy and its ears swinging,
Running with light feet.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

my birthday haiku

my birthday is cool
its on Christmas day that s cool
it is the best day

Second Haiku Quiz!

1 Willy Wonka

He is so crazy
He really really really loves chocolate
See the Oompa Loompas

2 December

December starts late
All the leaves are falling
The snow at night time


What is IST
It means the Internatio-
nal School of Toulouse

Elves are cool


                                                               Elves are fantastic
                                                                Elves pack presents to children
                                                                 Elves are so clever                                                                                               

sport haiku

sports are good for health
they give stamina to build you up
cricket is the best

Despicable me 2 haiku

 minions are silly
their language is ka ta poot
they love bananas

Sunday, 15 December 2013

ChrISTmas Special advert

Happy time everyone likes it
it's not christmas it's chrISTmas
ChrISTmas is so special because there's
lots of friends
Not everyone speaks english
but they learn it in one week!
Also the chrISTmas tree is up!
The teachers are not nice
they're EXTREMELY awesome
Sorry, there is also a special teacher that acts:
Mrs Baldwin! She SOOOO nice. Ahem.
What about Mr Gregg! he's my teacher this year
and I remember last golden time ( 13 December)
He gave us liquorice allsorts.
He's awesome.
Ok lets move to Mrs Ash.
Every weekend some got Monty.
And I took him for the holidays
and I went skiing and to the Guggenheim in Bilbao
Have you read crime at the guggenheim.
I also made a crime at the guggenheim Play script.
You need to read them.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Quiz which one is a Haiku!

1 Christmas

Santa Clause is coming
Yummy Turkey in our plate
Where's the christmas tree?

2 Pancakes

Delicious Pancakes
Very soggy in your mouth
I really love them

3 Sushi!

Made of different fish
It has rice inside
It is Japanese

Despicable Me Minion Haiku and Video

They are so silly
And they adore bananas!
Banana Minions!

Click here!
And you should also watch this!

Japanese Food Haiku

Japanese food is
Like art, but made into things
That everyone eats!

Japanese Bird Poem

Twittering on branches
Singing a melody with no words
And taking off with a flash of red, white and black
Flying swiftly, looking for fruit.

A Japanese haiku

Sometimes the first haiku writers painted pictures to go with their short poem, like this one by Yosa Buson:

A Little Cuckoo 
Flying right over 
A Hydrangea

Smarties Haiku

Everyone loves them
Because they're multi-coloured
Delicious Smarties!

Popcorn and Davy Haiku

Y4's class mascots
Kids take them home in weekends
They like chocolate.

Cherry Blossom Tree Haiku

Cherry blossom pink,
Flowing gently in the breeze
In Japanese art.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Poem

The day everyone has been waiting for,
Jesus was born more than 2000 years ago.,
Kids wake at the crack of dawn,
And come hopping down to a twinkling Christmas tree,
  There’s a happy atmosphere,
  Gentle small snowflakes slowly drift by,
Everyone starts opening gifts from their loved ones,
Theirs a beautiful roaring fire in the background,
Kids go outside and play,
Everything is so peaceful,
An angel looks down from the heaven,
  At the world, so bright and cheery,
 The joy of Christmas.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

For Elisa Play Script

Main Carachters.
Beethoven: Pablo
Elisa: Penelope

The Family Of Beethoven.

Beethoven's Brother: Luis
Beethoven's Dad: Jesse
Beethoven's Mum: Rozenn

The Family of Elisa

Mum: Clara
Dad: Ryan
Big Brother: Gustavo
Little sister: Sara

Friends of Beethoven

Dominik: Jacques
Gustav: Tino
Frederic: Miguel

Friends of Elisa

Conrad: Tobias
Roxane: Amelia
Anna: Alicia

Bar servers

Lilianna: Niamh
Ellla (Isabella): Cristina
Victoria: Irene

On stage People

Claire: Vega
Amanda: Maria
Sophia: Claudia
Marc: Fernando

Security Guards

Gino: Aksh
Georgio: Advait
Gregorio: Matias
Edward: Maia


Jinn: Mimi
Sally: Sanika
Justin: David

You need to tell Pablo if you want to be a narrador
Set in different chapters

Chapter 1 Nonsense

Narator: It all started when Beethoven was getting ready for the party
Rozenn: Come on your'e going to be late
Pablo: Ok ok Calm down
Rozenn: You don't say that to your mum!
Luis: Ha ha you got told off.
Pablo: Don't you dare repeat that sentence otherwise I will cut your lip.
Luis: Mummy 'Thoven is gonna cut my lip.
Rozenn: It's always that nasty cheeky boy!
Jesse: Wowowo what's going on here has my paintbrush droped
Rozenn: Can I put a zip on your lip.
Luis: Hey that rhymes.
Pablo: It's not time for baby nursery rhymes.
Jesse: Beethoven don't tease your brother.
Pablo: Bla bla bla I'm going to the piano.
Narator he starts playing.
Rozenn: We have to go now!
Narator: They arrived soon
Pablo: By mum i'm going in!
Aksh: Ahem wait a second.
Advait: Where are your tickets?
Pablo: They are… WHAT!
Matias: Come on we are waiting.
Maia: Speed up what's wrong with your brain?
Pablo: Oh here they are.
Maia: Thank you!
Advait: Bye
Matias: Go in
Aksh: Don't be so urde!
Narator: They went inside
Pablo: Wow this place is big

Chapter 2 The Little Sister

Narator: Meanwhile Elisa's Family are getting ready
Clara: ELISA you are gonna be late!
Penny: Yeah I know i'm busy doing maquillage
Clara: I don't care about your stupid maquillage.
Ryan: It's already half past eight and you needed to be there at quater past!
Gustavo: There's a TV program that I want to see
Ryan: Which one is it?
Sara: You know what i'm more intelligent than you because he wants to see Killing Monsters
The Family (except sara and gustavo): Mamamia!
Penny: I also know a fact about him to he didn't do his homework.
The Family (except penny and gustavo): Mamamia!
Clara: You are going to your bedroom
Gustavo: Ok Ok (softly)
Gustavo: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Sara: Did you hear how he screamed
Penny: How he creamed you know that his face is not an Ice Cream
Clara: I'm going to the garage with Elisa.
Narator: They enter the car
Penny: There's to much trafic jam
Clara: Come on you cheese face move up I need to go to a party!
Penny: Mummy I need to eat!
Clara: You need to wait until we get there

Chapter 3 The stage performers

Clara: Bye bye
Narator: Something stopped her.
Maia: Wait a second!
Aksh: Where are you going?
Penny: I'm going inside.
Advait: Remember
Matias: Your tickets!!!
Penny: There here.
Matias: Thank you

Dragons Fighting

Dragons' fights are deathly,
One firing flames hotter than ovens
The other breathing icy wind that you will only find in Antarctica.
And slashing claws hit each other
Knocking stone pillars as they crash
Creating major earthquakes
Other dragons fleeing into their caves.


Friday, 6 December 2013

Greek Gods and Goddesses Haiku

Poseidon Haiku
The ruler of seas,
A tanned face with wavy hair
The brother of Zeus.

Zeus Haiku
Controls the blue sky,
He likes dramatic exits,
Chopped Kronos to bits!

Hades Haiku
The lord of the dead,
And husband of Persephone
His pet, Cerberus!

Athena Haiku
With big cold grey eyes
The great goddesses of wisdom,
The wise Athena.

Ares Haiku
God of bloody war
Muscular, proud and awesome
The Greek war god Ares

She is beautiful
She is the goddess of love
Greeks celebrate her.

Thursday, 5 December 2013


The best food in Spain,
Big as a face with hair long
Yellow as flaxen hair.