Monday, 3 March 2014

Save The Earth

The earth is our friend,

She gives us air,

And beautiful things like flowers,

And like whales and more and more things,

She gives us water,

And sea with sand on the beach,

That covers me up when I’m on it,

The sun gives us yellow light,

And the moon blue light,

But nothing is better than…

The earth,

And us.

So what we should do,

Is save it now,

And don’t be one of those people,

That cut trees for fun,

Or kill animals,

Because all you are doing will just kill us.

So please,

Save the world and by not doing those things,

What you are doing is save us too!


  1. Excellent Claudia. Now that there are so many people living on this planet this is more important than ever!

    1. Yes I agree with Mr Gregg!

    2. Thank you Mr Gregg and Abi.