Sunday, 15 September 2013

Fernando's pebble poem

I have a stone
and it's like 
the one Mrs Baldwin had.

It has many stripes,
Inside it's a little white.

Mrs Baldwin's
lacks my side
My side is the other side
of Mrs Baldwin's stone,
heavy and large.


Penelope's pebble poem

Pebble, I found you in Portugal.
I have kept you for all these years.
You are as crystal white as snow.
You are very precious to me.

Pebble, you are a whole discovery to be made.
You have cracks through you.
How old are you?
Maybe 480,000,000 years old?


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Pablo's pebble and poem

Pablo wrote a pebble poem at home too:
My pebble is brown and golden.
It's got stripes all over.
My pebble has got two big holes.
The pebble has a great big space.
My pebble has some white that's shining.
It's smooth and rocky.
The pebble has lots of lines; 
It looks like only one line.
The pebble is a bit like a face.

Cristina's pebble and poem

Here's Cristina's pebble and the poem she wrote at home:
You are my first pebble. I found
you at the park. I
saved your life.
Now you are nice
and safe with me.

You are small
as small
as a baby 
you could
grow big
like a 
In the water you
shine like a star.

Pebble poem

Here is the poem that Class 4B created:

The pebble that I found is brown and white
It travelled the ocean wide
Before I picked it up
And put it in my pocket.

This ancient, patterned jewel
One of a thousand million others
Sitting on the beach
Waiting for someone to pick it up

That someone was me
I removed it from its family
The other small, rounded pebbles
That crunch beneath our feet.

Clara's pebble poems

Clara wrote two poems at home about two pebbles, one from Sweden, one from France:

 My first pebble

You have two holes
You are black and white
I found you in the sea
You look like a shark’s tooth
One of your holes is big
One of your holes is little
You have two pointy edges
You have a deep hole
You are solid
You smell of seaweed.

My little pebble

There is one side where you are smooth
You are so little that I can not find you on the beach
You look a bit like the face of a dog or a cat
The first time that I saw you you were so dirty
You don’t have a missing half
You are always cold
You have some designs
You are pointy on the back
You look a bit like a small triangle
You smell like you have been in a garden.


Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Pebble in my Pocket

We starting off our Year 4 English learning with an information book called The Pebble in My Pocket. It uses geologists' understanding of the earth's history to follow the long journey of one particular pebble.

At the same time we're looking at one particular pebble of our own really carefully.

We did this on Friday, and took turns to handle our pebble and to describe it and say what it made us think of.

Then we kneaded our descriptions and thoughts into a poem shape.

Here's the pebble and the poem from 4G:

like a hard potato
like a small mountain
a massage stone
made of different rocks
grey and cream
it has a design 
it's exciting 
unusual to find a rock with stripes
crystal white like paint
x marks the spot
it's oval
like the beak of a bird
it's bumpy
you could scratch yourself
three toes
like the claws of a dinosaur
it has a missing half
orange inside
Poseidon's beard
it smells like it's been in the sea