Monday, 24 March 2014

Maia's Box

By Maia

I will put in the box
An erupting volcano a thousand metres high
My guinea-pigs Buster and Ratatouille
And Italy seen from space

I will put in the box
A lake at the end of China with the smell of sea
And the smell of a dreaming horse
The smell of my mum’s quiche

I will put in the box
My cushy brownie cake
And my dad’s fish lasagne
And a Christmas roast diner

I will put in the box
To slide down waterfall like a Spanish dragon
And to ride on my friend, Clara’s horse
To swish down a giant water slide

My box is made of…
My Mother’s lovely smoothness
And the hearts of my school friends
A Panda that has never been seen before

I will throw my box down a giant mounting
Put a secret door in it

And bury it safe for ever and ever

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