Monday, 24 March 2014

My Box

I will put in the box
a magical time machine.
A diary that I will never forget
and the robot R2D2.

I will put in the box
The snowing of the smooth white clouds
the super heroes from Marvel comics.
The little wooden frog that my grandma gave to me
(when I stroke it with a stick it makes a frog sound).

I will put in the box
digging under ground and finding fossils.
(when I find a fossil I am proud of myself.)
My hairy little hamster in his little house

My box came from space to earth
It landed in my house, in my room, in my bed.
My box is very little
But it can fit the whole universe inside, all of outer space.
And all my wishes that I dreamed.

When I am dead in the future
My box will be hidden in the graveyard next to me.


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