Monday, 24 March 2014

My magic box

By Advait

I will put in the box

The prehistoric bones of a strange lizard,

The sweet sounds of birds chirping,

The natural perfume of roses.

I will put in the box

Healthy and delicious rice which is really spicy,

Touching smooth silky yellow cats,

Stormy lightning but really dangerous.

I will put in the box

The light blue colour the same as the sky,

Dreams of saving animals,

Happiness of people enjoying their lives.

I will put in the box

The snowy mountains of Mount Everest,

The blue water of river Nile,

The savannahs of the wild cats.

My box is fashioned from wood and steel,

With force nobody can touch,

With sharp spines and golden clasps.

I shall bury my box in a place nobody knows,

Before I do it I’ll travel with it,

As the sun sets I will bury my box.

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