Monday, 24 March 2014

My Special Golden Treasure Box

By Pablo

I will put in my box
The sunset
The sound of violins playing a sonata of Vivaldi.
The smell of hot chocolate drifting through the air.

I will put in my box
A Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding. Scrumptious!
Cherry Sunburst destroying villages.
The blossomy spring breeze making a Pacific wind.

I will put in my box
Entering my stories in real life (Crime at the Guggenheim),
The feeling of people celebrating, enjoying life at parties
A staring snow leopard, his breath frozen with glittery frostiness,

I will put in my box
The mountain falls of the north Pyrenees, the Garonne collapsing toward the sea,
A portal leading to Neptune, or Jupiter or Outer Space,
The moon shining in the night with the peaceful vague trees.

My box is made from crystal-ice mirrors.
It reflects in the light every day in winter,
The avalanche will come to you if you open it.
Then obscurity will spread through your body.

I will show my box to Mr Gregg and Mrs Baldwin
And to all IST and I will make a feast with lots of people
And give things to the poor.

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