Monday, 24 March 2014

The Magic Box

By Luis

I will put in my box                            

My special golden Karate trophy,
My lovely white smooth dog on earth,
A relaxing clear blue ocean.

I will put in my box

Being cool, great, happy in Karate,
Eating the best crunchy margarita pizza with tomatoes, cheese and red salami,
Going to the highest part of the Pyrenees and jumping from one big rock to another.

I will put in my box

Running through the crunchy snow throwing snow balls at each other,
A big sweet apple, so sweet that your mouth waters,
The awesome Lego batman game that makes you very crazy running through the house!

My box is fashioned from strong gold ice,
With four strong locks and shiny colourful diamonds,

A secret pathway, only I know the way!

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