Monday, 24 March 2014

My Magic Box

By Abi

I will put in the box
The high, snowy, cold Pyrenean Mountains,
The sound of a rushing waterfall,
The sky glistening behind the sun.

I will put in the box
The silky sounds of a harp,
The shiny happiness of snow,
The speed and blurriness of a cheetah.

I will put in the box
The feel of my dog when she is fluffy,
The sweet taste of Jelly Tots,
Getting a giant hug from my sister.

I will put in the box
A huge whale squirting a fountain of water,
The smooth feel of a silky rock,
The feel of a Turtle shell.

My box is fashioned from glass and smooth oak,
with a scattering of precious diamonds
and rubies its hinges are door handles.

I shall look after my Smooth Dolphin called Silky
and my dog Ruby
and walk around the aqua turquoise lagoon
in rainbow land with glory.

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