Monday, 24 March 2014

My treasure box

By Mimi

I will put in my box
A blazing feather of a phoenix,
A ribbon made of the colours of rainbows,
The golden horn of a unicorn.

I will put in my box
The sound of the rustling leaves in a damp rainforest,
The smell of paint as it splashes on a shiny canvas,
The feel of the warm silky fur of a month-old puppy.

I will put in my box
The rushing colours of the wind,
A lightning storm, crashing thunder from the sky,
The cherry colour of sunrise and sunset.

I will put in my box
A million shards of violet-flavoured candy,
A runny yolk of an egg and the crisp sides of bacon on a plate,
A bowl full of fresh berries and whipped cream.

My box is carved out of the oldest oak wood,
The lock is made of jade coloured dragon eye stones,
The hinges are fashioned out of delicate autumn-brown pebbles,
The key is made out of dreams and is shaped like a cerulean-coloured dragon,
Nobody knows that at night it comes alive and guards my small chest.

I shall sometimes step into my box,
Inside, it is always night,
A silhouette of a grey wolf howling at the blue corn moon,
A field of glowing fuchsia and indigo orchids,
Tiny dragons with wings of rainbow hues, singing and humming a beautiful lullaby to each other,
And a giant peach tree, the blossoms swaying in the cool breeze.

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