Thursday, 6 February 2014

Alicia's Box

My Magic Treasure Box
I will put in the box
The sun rising over the Eiffel Tower
The last smile of a great-grandfather
The sea rushing over the rocks

I will put in the box
The sound of the Indian waves
A touch my sisters face
The smell of the snow and English Channel

I will put in the box
My first taste of ravioli
The taste of a lemon and raspberry ice cream
The first strawberry in Europe

I will put in the box
The rain drops falling in my mouth
The sun shining in front of me
The wind blowing against my cheek

My box is carved
Of deep green grass with brown mud from Australia
The lock is made of the shine of a Cheetah’s eyes
The entry code is made of jelly beans.

My box will
make my dreams come true
make Isabel come back from Madrid
make everybody happy.


  1. Well done Alicia this is amazing! (My favorite part is the entry code is made of jelly beans.) maby you could try using a compound sentence.
    From your quad blog friend Sam.

  2. Wow Alicia! Amazing ideas.These are really effective sentences that are really detailed too.This is a piece of work that will show younger children what to do. Maybe you could use a similie to compare.
    Lauren. Orange 1. England

  3. I really like your poem Alicia!