Thursday, 6 February 2014

Clara's fairy box

I will put in my box             
A rainbow with eight colours in it
A sip of the Atlantic Ocean
The first tears of a baby

I will put in my box             
The first snowy day of winter
The smell of a fresh yellow rose
The smell of new sea

I will put in my box             
Sand trickling through my hand
The last bit of the Titanic
A statue of luck

I will put in my box             
All the rubies in the galaxy
My pony’s tail
The end of the world!

My box is made of…
The smoothest ice
When opened it turns to polar bear furs.


  1. Wow Clara! but maybe you could add a complex sentence.


  2. Well done Clara; this is a lovely poem with imaginative vocabulary choices. I particularly like 'all the rubies in the galaxy'.Perhaps you could add some alliteration; this is when words start with the same sound or letter, e.g Whispering words of wisdom. From Miss Friend

  3. amazing clara! i love your use of words.
    next time try to add a simile to say what the rubys look like.
    keep up the great work

    finlay-orange one-England

  4. Well done Clara! I love how you would put all the rubies in the galaxy and a sip of the atlantic ocean! Next time maybe try to avoid that much repetition

    Merryn - Orange One - England

  5. Wow Clara! An amazing poem! How about using adverbs to describe what you put in your box.

  6. I really like your poem Clara!