Thursday, 6 February 2014

My Beautiful Box by Cristina

I will put in my box…
A garden of colourful butterflies,
The Turquoise Ocean splashing against the sand,
The clear moonlight hiding behind the creepy branches.

I will put in my box,
My dark red heart with all my kindness,
All my romantic dreams I have.

My box is made of,
Swirly water falling down,
Butterfly shapes,
And little asterisk-stars

I will keep it all my life
In my room, hidden in my closet.
I will look at it every night.


  1. Wow Christina! This is a lovely poem with lots of interesting descriptive language.Perhaps you could add a simile to compare. Keep up the great work- Miss Friend and Orange One- England.

  2. Well done Cristina this is amazing! My favorite part is 'My box is made with swirly water falling down, butterfly shapes and little astrix stars'. It makes me feel loose all over! From your quadblog friend, Lewis.