Saturday, 7 December 2013

For Elisa Play Script

Main Carachters.
Beethoven: Pablo
Elisa: Penelope

The Family Of Beethoven.

Beethoven's Brother: Luis
Beethoven's Dad: Jesse
Beethoven's Mum: Rozenn

The Family of Elisa

Mum: Clara
Dad: Ryan
Big Brother: Gustavo
Little sister: Sara

Friends of Beethoven

Dominik: Jacques
Gustav: Tino
Frederic: Miguel

Friends of Elisa

Conrad: Tobias
Roxane: Amelia
Anna: Alicia

Bar servers

Lilianna: Niamh
Ellla (Isabella): Cristina
Victoria: Irene

On stage People

Claire: Vega
Amanda: Maria
Sophia: Claudia
Marc: Fernando

Security Guards

Gino: Aksh
Georgio: Advait
Gregorio: Matias
Edward: Maia


Jinn: Mimi
Sally: Sanika
Justin: David

You need to tell Pablo if you want to be a narrador
Set in different chapters

Chapter 1 Nonsense

Narator: It all started when Beethoven was getting ready for the party
Rozenn: Come on your'e going to be late
Pablo: Ok ok Calm down
Rozenn: You don't say that to your mum!
Luis: Ha ha you got told off.
Pablo: Don't you dare repeat that sentence otherwise I will cut your lip.
Luis: Mummy 'Thoven is gonna cut my lip.
Rozenn: It's always that nasty cheeky boy!
Jesse: Wowowo what's going on here has my paintbrush droped
Rozenn: Can I put a zip on your lip.
Luis: Hey that rhymes.
Pablo: It's not time for baby nursery rhymes.
Jesse: Beethoven don't tease your brother.
Pablo: Bla bla bla I'm going to the piano.
Narator he starts playing.
Rozenn: We have to go now!
Narator: They arrived soon
Pablo: By mum i'm going in!
Aksh: Ahem wait a second.
Advait: Where are your tickets?
Pablo: They are… WHAT!
Matias: Come on we are waiting.
Maia: Speed up what's wrong with your brain?
Pablo: Oh here they are.
Maia: Thank you!
Advait: Bye
Matias: Go in
Aksh: Don't be so urde!
Narator: They went inside
Pablo: Wow this place is big

Chapter 2 The Little Sister

Narator: Meanwhile Elisa's Family are getting ready
Clara: ELISA you are gonna be late!
Penny: Yeah I know i'm busy doing maquillage
Clara: I don't care about your stupid maquillage.
Ryan: It's already half past eight and you needed to be there at quater past!
Gustavo: There's a TV program that I want to see
Ryan: Which one is it?
Sara: You know what i'm more intelligent than you because he wants to see Killing Monsters
The Family (except sara and gustavo): Mamamia!
Penny: I also know a fact about him to he didn't do his homework.
The Family (except penny and gustavo): Mamamia!
Clara: You are going to your bedroom
Gustavo: Ok Ok (softly)
Gustavo: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Sara: Did you hear how he screamed
Penny: How he creamed you know that his face is not an Ice Cream
Clara: I'm going to the garage with Elisa.
Narator: They enter the car
Penny: There's to much trafic jam
Clara: Come on you cheese face move up I need to go to a party!
Penny: Mummy I need to eat!
Clara: You need to wait until we get there

Chapter 3 The stage performers

Clara: Bye bye
Narator: Something stopped her.
Maia: Wait a second!
Aksh: Where are you going?
Penny: I'm going inside.
Advait: Remember
Matias: Your tickets!!!
Penny: There here.
Matias: Thank you


  1. This is interesting... difficult to make this one into a play for lots of people because it's basically about two people.

  2. It's really funny Pablo,I like what I am thanks.
    I'm the only girl in my group, I like it I'm unique!

  3. Replies
    1. Not Yet! but later in the story!