Thursday, 5 December 2013

Crime at the Guggenheim Play Script

Bill Gates: Pablo
Isabella: Niamh
Dad: Ryan
Mum: Alicia
Guggenheim Guards: Gustavo and Jacques
Restaurant Server: Mimi
Persons at the restaurant: Sanika Tino Penny Amelia Rozenn Clara.
Persons at the Guggenheim: David Fernando Luis Tobias Miguel.
Police: Jesse Claudia Aksh Advait Sara
Persons inside Jail: Maria Vega.
Narator: Maia
Adults in the Bus: Mr Gregg Mrs Baldwin.
Extras: Cristina Irene

Maia: The Family are going to Bilbao today.
Niamh: What a nice day! I'm very excited!
Mr G: Shus I'm trying to read
Mrs B: Yeah Be quiet
Alicia: Look that person just told you of
Ryan: You little naughty Girl!
Mr G & Mrs B: Shus Again!
Ryan: Stop talking!
Niamh: Ok Ok.
Maia: They arived at Bilbao.
Niamh: Look I can see the Poocenheim!
Alicia: It's Guggenheim! How many times do I have to tell you.
Maia: They went of the bus.
Ryan: We are going to visit the Guggenheim, SO hold my hand tight.
Maia: They went inside.
Niamh: WOW!
Gustavo and Jacques: Shhhh.
Jacques: This is a Museum you have to be quiet.
Gustavo: Here young girl I will give you a present.
Niamh: Thank You! Mummy look what I have got!
Maia: Just then Isabella was lost.
Niamh: Oh No were are my parents
Maia: She began to cry.
Niamh: Mummy Daddy
Tobias: What's wrong?
Niamh: I lost my parents.
Luis: Poor little girl what shall we do?
Miguel: Leave her alone.
Fernando: That's not nice!
David: Yes it's true.
All: Sorry we can't help you.
Maia: The alarm went on. Someone had stolen a painting.
Niamh: Ahhhhhhhh.
Maia: She was so scared but she found her parents.
Niamh: I missed you so much!
Alicia: Quick we need to get out of here:
Maia: They went outside the Guggenheim
Pablo: I am going to explode the Guggenheim Muahahahaha!
Family: What's going to happen?
Maia: Suddenly the Guggenheim EXPLODED!
Ryan: Ouch I nearly broke my foot!
Alicia: Me too!
Niamh: Who put a bomb?!
Pablo: No one will Know who I am.
Maia: The theif goes away.
Alicia: I'll guess we should go to the restaurant


Cristina and Irene tell jokes...

Maia: They enter the restaurant.
Mimi: What would you like today?
Ryan: Vegetables Please
Alicia: I'll take Chicken Soup.
Meanwhile a Group are talking.
Sanika: Do you Know who exploded the Guggenheim?
Tino: Do you Know?
Penny: I think it's a Superstar.
Everybody: Hahahahahahaha!
Amelia: What a Stupid idea.
Rozenn: Yeah right how can it be a superstar?
Clara: No one knows?
Sanika: Calm down.
Maia: Meanwhile on the other table:
Alicia: Come on eat your food Isabella!
Niamh: But I dont like it! Burgghhhh!
Maia: Isabella saw the robber.
Niamh: I don't want to…
Maia: She couldn't speak more.
Niamh: Daddy I saw the robber.
Ryan: Can that be the the theif? It is!
Pablo: Muahahahaha!
Maia: The theif went away.
Alicia: We need to catch him quick!!!
Maia: The family went running past the Guggenheim. But they stopped.
Niamh: Why did we stop at the Guggenheim?
Alicia: We are going to ask.
Ryan: Do you know were the theif is?
Jacques: I don't Know?
Gustavo: You should call the police.
Alicia: Ok!
Maia: They called the police
Ryan: Hello we saw the theif.
Jesse: Tell me where he is!
Alicia: He is right at the corner of the Guggenheim.
Claudia: Ok we will be here right now!
Maia: The police came.
Aksh: I cant see him!
Advait: Right there!
Sara: Over there!
Jesse: Ok lets go.
Maia: They got the theif and put him in prison.
Claudia: Never do that again!
Maia: Meanwhile in Jail.
Vega: Help Help!
Maria: Please let us out!
V&M: Help!
Aksh: You are going in there.
Sara: Take of your mask!
Everybody. Haaaaaaa
Niamh : It it it… IS BILL GATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Niamh: What!
Police: I cant belive it!
Pablo: I'm SO sorry i didn't mean to do that.
Jesse: Well you have to go to jail.
Maia: Isabella was dissapointed.
Niamh: I dont like that.
Advait: It's Awful
Ryan: Well that is how it should be!
Alicia: At least it's fair.
Sara: Well I am sad.
Jesse: Me too.

Cristina&Irene: Thank you for coming to our play.
Pablo: And it's writen by me Pablo in 4G.
Irene: I hope you liked it
Cristina: Bye Bye!


  1. Not exactly a poem - but... a play! That's a first! We'll have to act it out!