Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Poem

The day everyone has been waiting for,
Jesus was born more than 2000 years ago.,
Kids wake at the crack of dawn,
And come hopping down to a twinkling Christmas tree,
  There’s a happy atmosphere,
  Gentle small snowflakes slowly drift by,
Everyone starts opening gifts from their loved ones,
Theirs a beautiful roaring fire in the background,
Kids go outside and play,
Everything is so peaceful,
An angel looks down from the heaven,
  At the world, so bright and cheery,
 The joy of Christmas.


  1. I love your poem Jesse.It's true,about the Chistmas tree,I love
    them too! For me Chistmas is more then joy.

  2. Jesse, what a fantastic poem! You captured Christmas perfectly. Beautiful imagery!

  3. I just found your poem, Jesse. I like that you put the most important part of Christmas first, and then all the ways that we love to celebrate it! It was very thoughtfully written and makes me think about you when I read it. It also helps me remember when we visited you just before Christmas and had a little early taste of Christmas together. Great job~! Love from Grandma Adelle