Sunday, 15 December 2013

ChrISTmas Special advert

Happy time everyone likes it
it's not christmas it's chrISTmas
ChrISTmas is so special because there's
lots of friends
Not everyone speaks english
but they learn it in one week!
Also the chrISTmas tree is up!
The teachers are not nice
they're EXTREMELY awesome
Sorry, there is also a special teacher that acts:
Mrs Baldwin! She SOOOO nice. Ahem.
What about Mr Gregg! he's my teacher this year
and I remember last golden time ( 13 December)
He gave us liquorice allsorts.
He's awesome.
Ok lets move to Mrs Ash.
Every weekend some got Monty.
And I took him for the holidays
and I went skiing and to the Guggenheim in Bilbao
Have you read crime at the guggenheim.
I also made a crime at the guggenheim Play script.
You need to read them.

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