Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My Dragon

My dragon is an Ice dragon;
He is made of frost.
He loves to play around in the snow all day
And all night he lies there deep in slumber.

His wings are aquamarine-blue,
His tail has millions of crystal spikes,
His eyes are like snowflakes,
His breath is as icy as the North Pole.

He eats grass that ben covered with snow,
He lives in the coldest cave,
His name is Snowflake.

His teeth are very blunt
From eating so much grass.
He is so nice

He is the best dragon ever.


  1. What a unique dragon, Ryan! Your words and art work have captured just what I imagine an ice dragon might look like. The color combination is very creative.
    I love it! (Comment from your Grandma Adelle)

  2. Ryan: What a great dragon and what a good description you gave of him in your poem. Right now it is snowing here in Virginia so I feel like Snowflake would fit right in and be at home. Next time I'm outside I'll look for him and if I see him I'll be sure and mention I'm your grandfather Steve. I don't want him eating me!