Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Beautiful on the Seaside

It's so beautiful on seaside, 
I saw it all,
The sea like shimmering turquoise, 
With froth all over, 
Like bubbling soap, 
The sands glistening in the light, 
Like shiny gold and silver, 
Big rough rugged rocks
Glittering with water, 
Only admire but never climb, 
Amber, brown, yellow, pink, 
Golden, orange, cream, black and white seashells, 
Some curly swirly like a bouquet, 
And some shaped like a hand fan, 
The seaside is a box of glowing things!


  1. That's a beautiful poem Sanika!

  2. Oh Sanika what a beautiful poem!
    I love to sea more of your beautiful poems!