Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My Crystal Dragon

My dragon is a crystal dragon.
 She is made from mirrors and glass.
 She has this kind of shiver-tooth
To make things go icy
With vague glittery frostiness.

All night she gazes at the iridescent darkness
With her eyes looking for mountain food.

 Her wings are made of fluid ice,
Her tail swings through the cloudy world
She eats snow blocks and glassy maple apples.
In her eyes are crystal shards.

Her breath is like firm hail.
She eats the souls of malicious people.
She sucks every bit like a hurricane
Made out of billions of tornados.

She controls the snow,
She has the power of icicles and melted icy liquid.

She skates with excitement.
Her name is Crystalline. 
The dragons call her Princess Aqua Marina.

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