Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Clara's pebble poems

Clara wrote two poems at home about two pebbles, one from Sweden, one from France:

 My first pebble

You have two holes
You are black and white
I found you in the sea
You look like a shark’s tooth
One of your holes is big
One of your holes is little
You have two pointy edges
You have a deep hole
You are solid
You smell of seaweed.

My little pebble

There is one side where you are smooth
You are so little that I can not find you on the beach
You look a bit like the face of a dog or a cat
The first time that I saw you you were so dirty
You don’t have a missing half
You are always cold
You have some designs
You are pointy on the back
You look a bit like a small triangle
You smell like you have been in a garden.



  1. You really started the ball rolling Clara - lots of other children are writing a poem at home now too. Great inspiration! Well done!

  2. Hey Clara. I really like your poems. I like the part when You wrote You smell of seaweed.