Saturday, 30 November 2013

Revolting Rhymes - Jack and The Bean Stalk

Jack and his Mum did not have any money, so his Mum sent him off to sell the cow for £100.
Jack goes off with the cow but trades her in for just a useless bean, or that's what his Mum thought, and she throws it out of the window onto the rubbish dump. After that she smacks his bottom with the handle of the vacuum cleaner. She was really cruel to Jack and calls him a lunatic.

But suddenly overnight the bean became a giant beanstalk, and in the morning Jack shows it to his Mum, and at the top there are solid gold leaves. When she sees the leaves, she yells at Jack to go and get the golden leaves, because she suddenly realises they will have lots of money if they get them.

Jack climbs up, but he hears a giant thunderous sound saying ' Fee Fy Fo Fum I smell the blood of an Englishman '

Jack rushes down in half a tick and tells his mum that the giant can smell him and that he had a clever nose. His Mum tells him he stinks and needs a bath, but Jack says 'if you are so clean why don't you climb up the beanstalk ?' So she does. Then she gets eaten up straight away by the giant !! Jack doesn't cry when the giant eats his Mum.

Jack then goes and has a bath, brushes his teeth, washes his hair, blows his nose, and comes out smelling like a rose. Jack climbs the beanstalk again, and takes lots of golden leaves. He reckons he will have a bath every day as it seems to pay off.

What I think about this Poem ...

I like this poem because it always rhymes at the end of the lines. There are lots of versions of this story, but this one has rhymes in it and it's funny. Jack's Mum is really cruel, even after the beanstalk grows and she sees the golden leaves, and Jack is only so stinky because his mum makes Jack do almost all the work.

This kind of poem is fun, but a bit cruel and naughty with a few nasty words. I suppose that is why it's in a book called Revoltnig Rhymes'!


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  1. And the moral is - have a regular bath?

    Well done Tobias! An excellent post. I've taken the liberty of adding in an image, and at the bottom an animated retelling of the rhyme. It does have some interesting vocabulary in it, doesn't it?!